Glowing SQR

By March 10, 2011 More about me

SQR is a cell phone puzzles and strategy game for one or two players. We developed it a few years ago in java2me by a small team of 4 people. I was the project director and game designer as well as in charge of graphic optimization.

Yesterday, I was updating the images of the game productions in this blog, because I’ve changed the background color to black. And I began to play in Cinema 4D with the idea of making a new version of the SQR logo, adding some ligth effects.

Well, this is the result. It’s still work in progress but I think It’s a good excuse to open this new section.

First version, with noisy beams and brushed metal in the name.

Goldie version…. not good 🙁

Too blue… but I fixed the light beams, no noise 🙂

This is the final version (at the moment, I’m soure will change it a bit).