After more than 15 years working on CGI I have become good at:

Modelling / Texturing / Lighting / Render / Match moving Motion Capture / Motion Graphics / Interactive Design


I have enjoyed working in very cool teams during all these years:

2013-present / Formation – 3D Artist / Interactive Designer
· Motion capture and modelling digital assets for video games. Maya, MentalRay, MotionBuilder.
· Interactive Designer, Unity 3D, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion. Built interactive experiences for clients and the studio own IP.
· Motion Graphics: Compositing and animation with After Effects.
· 3D Artist in several projects involving different set of skills through the whole workflow, modelling, texturing, sculpting, rigging, lighting and render.
· Hair and Fur setup for digital characters.

2011-present / RunHarry – Freelance
· Computer Graphics Artist
· Project Director. Videogame for iOS platform.
· Motion Graphics and 3D Modelling for Girly Films. UK
· Motion Graphics Video for UK
· Visual FX. Particle Simulation and Camera Tracking, Video Clip project. Idyll // Paradisal. Lexi Kiddo. UK
· Several projects for the digital agency

2006-2010 / Interacción
· Head of 3D Animation
· Project Development Director
· Game Designer

1999-2005Pixel Grafics & UCGames
· Head of 3D Animation
· Multimedia Project Manager
· Game Designer

1996-1998 / Pixel Grafics
· Computer Graphics Artist.

1990-1995 / Freelance
· Computer Graphics Artist. Opening title sequences for different short films.

1990-1994 / Ponteareas Local Television
· Computer Graphics Artist.

1990-1994 / Tuy Local Television
· Computer Graphics Artist.
· Program Director

And I have always combined research and self-taught new skills with formal training: 

09/2011 – 12/2011 Visual Effects Production, Escape Estudios Escape Estudios London. VFX Techniques and pipeline. Camera tracking.

2009 Multi Platform Business School,  Media Business School, Ronda, Spain. Workshop in multi-platform projects development.

2005 Fundamental Principles of Game Design. Ernest Adams, Workshop at GDG Europe, London

1994-1995 Image and Sound School, La Coruña , Spain. Graduated in  Production and Direction of Television Programs, Grade 3 Specialist Technician. Filmmaking Production and Direction.

1990-1994 Telecommunications Engineering Superior School, University of Vigo, Spain. Mathematics and computer programming.

Here is my CV in a PDF file: Javier Martin CV